Nuts On The Run is a small family-owned Oregonian business. We (Adam, Lydia and our son Yazel 🙂 are no strangers to the food industry. For more than 15 years we have owned and operated restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine. When Adam created his unique Rosemary Almonds for his bar customers to enjoy, it kicked off and became a customer favorite! This eventually led Adam and Lydia to create Nuts On The Run.

We started in 2013. Thanks to you, our customers and our retailers, demand increased. In 2016 we expanded our nut roasting and snacks facility in Clackamas to keep up with demand. Many of our products are now retailed in some of the best markets in Oregon including New Season Markets, Whole Foods, Bob’s Red Mill, Market of Choice, and many more!

Our goal is to continue expanding as an Oregonian company while maintaining the taste and quality of our products. Whether it is reinventing a classic German flavor such as Cinnamon Vanilla into the perfect crunch, or crafting a satisfying savory experience through our fresh rosemary herb blend, we have something unique to satisfy every palate. Our approach to the creation of our snacks is grounded in tradition but fired with passion for creativity.

We never use any artificial ingredients of any kind, and we are completely GMO-free. All of our nuts and Snacks are created in small batches to be shipped fresh to you or to our local markets.


How Customers Describe Some of Our Flavors