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Everything You Want in
Sweet and Savory Snacks
Without the Downsides

• Tradition and Creativity

Our approach to making snacks is grounded in tradition and fueled with a passion for creativity. Whether reinventing a classic German flavor such as Cinnamon-Vanilla into the perfect crunch or crafting a satisfying savory experience through our fresh rosemary herb blend, we have something unique to satisfy every palate.

• Great Taste

Every Nuts on the Run snack is made locally with the highest quality ingredients to create a well-balanced and tasty snack. You don't need to take our word for it; check out what the public says about our snacks at the bottom of this page!

• Thoughtfully Sourced

We get our almonds from California, pecans from Arizona, and hazelnuts from Oregon. Our goal is to source all of our ingredients from the closest farmer to our Oregon facility, supporting the environment and community.

• Our Promise

You will not be taken for granted, and we will do all we can to honor the confidence and trust you place in Nuts on the Run.

Our Story

Adam and Lydia Myhoob had extensive experience in cooking and operating successful restaurants for many years. Their young son Yazel had always been the final taster in developing a new recipe! But Nuts on the Run all started when the couple and their son Yazel were looking for delicious snacks made without artificial ingredients.

To their joy, the young couple found pretty little snacks declaring to be from Mother Nature herself!

"What are these?" They uttered upon reading the ingredients. "How do you pronounce these many, many ingredients? Who are those characters lurking in the shadows?” they murmured as they read through the lengthy list of ingredients.

"No way Jose, we are not eating that! We'll make our own delicious and ingredient-conscious snacks!" declared the couple with their heads held high.

Nuts on the Run was then born in 2013.

Soon other people across the nation asked to try these new natural snacks. shocked after tasting the treats, they asked, "how could these treats be so delicious, all-natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free?"

"The secret is that they're freshly made and minimally processed in small batches with high-quality ingredients to ensure freshness and a great taste." replied the happy couple.

Growing Strong

Thanks to you, our customers, we expanded Nuts on the Run into new locations! Our snacks and gifts are sold at over six hundred great markets, hotels, and gift shops across the nation. You can find Nuts on the Run products at Whole Foods, Hilton Hotels, and New Season Markets, just to name a few.